Raffiuro Soft Skirt_Navy

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Raffiuro Soft Skirt-Navy

This skirt is made of stretchy fabric. The point is that the hull is rustling. One of the features of the fabric used in this skirt is the 99.9% antibacterial power, sweat-absorbing, and quick drying. It is also comfortable to wear and dries well during exercise.

Due to the soft and stretchy feature of the fabric, it is easy to wear and style! There is also a white color scheme on the waist that makes it looks cool and it also has underpants.


Product Information:

Material upper: 88% Aerosilver and 12% Spandex

Underpants: Polyester and Polyurethane


Size Guide:

Size S M L
Waist 26 27 29
Hip 35 36 38
Total Length 15 16 17

*All sizes are in inches.



  • Dry cleaning is prohibited.
  • It is recommended to hand wash lightly in lukewarm water with laundry detergent.
  • Due to the nature of the material, there is a possibility of shrinkage and color transfer. Please wash with care.
  • There is no refund for color transfer caused by dry cleaning. Please take note of this.
  • When drying after hand washing, rather than using a hanger, please lay it flat on the floor to dry.
  • For products with wrinkle detail, make sure that the wrinkles do not straighten out. Please lay it flat on the floor in a wrinkled shape to dry it.
  • Do not iron as much as possible. And if necessary, please iron lightly at an appropriate temperature. (We inform you in advance that there is a possibility of shrinkage due to the nature of the fabric.)
  • There may be differences in color brightness or color depending on the monitor specifications.


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We recommend choosing sizes for bottoms according to the waist size because our bottoms usually provide perfect fit for hips, thigh and calf as
long as they fit your waist because Mulawear uses fabrics that are highly flexibleyet sturdy. Also, wearing bottoms with correct waist size prevents
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sizes, go for the smaller size if you like a tight fit and the larger size if you like a comfort fit.