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Anell Air Skirt

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Product Details

Air Skirt

This skirt is made of 100% high-density poly material that creates a light yet rich silhouette. For additional confidence and security in movement, functional inner pants is added made of premium spandex crore fabric that provides a comfortable fit.
The waist side is designed with Anell's signature LOGO RUBBER LABEL. A pocket hidden at the back waistline is also added for your convenience and to store your little valuables. There is also a shirring that is held firmly at the waist that creates a richer silhouette as it goes to the hem. 
White / Gracie Blue / Black

[ S ] - Total length 41cm Waist 70cm Hip 120cm Hem 176cm Underpants: Total
length 33cm Hip 88cm Hem 46cm
[ M ] - Total length 41.5cm Waist 76cm Hip 126cm Hem 182cm Underpants: Total length
34.5cm Hip 94cm Hem 49cm
[ L ] - Total length 42.5cm Waist 80cm Hip 130cm Hem 186cm Underpants: Total
length 34.5cm Hip 98cm Hem 51cm

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Sophisticated Golf Styles In Your Wardrobe | ANELL is a semi-formal line women's golf wear brand. Modern with a refined style of French chic sensibility, it pursues sustainable design and plan collections for each season. Wear that can be worn in everyday life as a daily wear for golf wear, It is a new innovation of golf wear that captures all of the luxurious design, color and functionality.

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