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Product Details

Aledin is a led table lamp, available in two different versions, Tec and Dec, which are distinguished by the diffuser. Aledin Tec is characterized by a flat head, which allows to obtain a direct and at the same time adjustable light beam, thanks to the possibility of movement of the diffuser itself. For these characteristics, it is more suitable for office use, unlike the Dec version, which is distinguished by the faceted decoration of the cone diffuser. The light beam is therefore wider and more atmospheric, ideal for home use. The two polycarbonate articulated arms, which make up the structure of both models, are characterized by the presence of two aluminum slats, which act as conductors. In class 3, the lamp has a high light output, about 600lm with a power of 5.6W, which allows a strong energy saving thanks to the latest generation LEDs.

Technical specifications

Structure material: Transparent Or Mass-Coloured Polycarbonate
Third Material: Anodised Aluminium
Fireproof: Not Fireproof
Usage: Indoor

Height: 48÷113 cm
Diameter: 21 cm

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