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Anell Cotton Tweed Visor


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Product Details

Cotton Tweed Visor

High quality luxury tweed visor with French design in Anell's signature pattern.
A design that wraps the head high with a wider and shorter brim.
Presenting refreshing styling, the pattern that covers the head compliments the face shape.
The elegant color matching band design is the key point.
A spring item made of high-quality tweed material.
Anell-crafted band and fine silver-plated button details, inner beige lining
Experience the complete visor, classic Anell's mood for all looks to complete.



* IMPORTANT message for shoppers:

Anell brand is sourced and selected to our overseas warehouse, and then shipped to the US location. With the logistic cost having significantly increased impacted by the inflation, we cannot avoid a 15% restocking fee (plus round shipping fee) on returns which will be deducted from your refund amount. Also, you have an option to get a store credit (minus the round shipping fee). Please contact us for assistance.

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Sophisticated Golf Styles In Your Wardrobe | ANELL is a semi-formal line women's golf wear brand. Modern with a refined style of French chic sensibility, it pursues sustainable design and plan collections for each season. Wear that can be worn in everyday life as a daily wear for golf wear, It is a new innovation of golf wear that captures all of the luxurious design, color and functionality.

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