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Chatelet Collection

Inspired by the passion of intelligence and enlightenment that French mathematician and philosopher Emily du Chatele devoted her life to, it is a collection of geometric beauty that is straight and symmetrical.

The emerald cut, the epitome of simple chic,

I designed it with the solitaire line that expresses it the best. Let me introduce you to the Chatele Emerald Solitaire edition, which is enough to express my own luxury with a single stone.

The ring is a bezel setting, a setting technique that emphasizes the shape around the edges of the stone in order to express the most beautiful shape of the emerald cut. It's a simple and edgy design that's good for expressing modern chic, and you can feel the beauty of the production if you layer it with an Eternality ring.

The bottom of the stone also features a pattern of Miss Green's identity, allowing you to enjoy the details of the design.

Metal: 925 Silver _ Rhodium plated / 18k Yellow Gold plated

Stone Information: Nano Green Crystal

Green nanocrystal stone with the closest color to natural emeralds. The new type of Gemstone is the most specialized stone in Jewelry Due to the high temperature and heat-resistant nature of the jewelry that emphasizes detail,

It is the best-simulated stone to reproduce the most ideal color of emerald, with its unique color and cutting state in many of its processes, and especially its deep color from the stone itself.

_ US 5.5 – Inner diameter 16.33mm

_ US 6.5 – Inner diameter 17.00 mm

_ US 7.5  – Inner diameter 17.66 mm

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