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Ginza 4.0 Slacks Pants (Grey)


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Product Details

● Description:
Ginza pants are thick enough to wear in all four seasons. It's banded around the waist, and it's comfortable pants with an oversized fit. It's a product that fits everywhere in a comfortable or formal place.

● Features: Inside Back Ginza 5.0 Lable
● Fabric: Cotton 100%
● Type: Slacks Pants
● Model Size:
M : 175cm, 75kg, 32inch (M)
W : 160cm, 48kg, 29inch (S)

● Waist Size Reference
S: 25"-29"
M: 27"-31"
L: 29"-33"
XL: 31"-35"

● Size: S / M / L / XL
General 96 / 96.5 / 97 / 98.5
Waist 27 / 29 / 31 / 33
Bottom 32 / 32.5 / 33.5 / 34
thigh 36 / 37.3 / 38.5 / 40.5
Bottom 15 / 16 / 16.5 / 17
(Unit: waist circumference inch, other section cm)

● Size Guide:
-Main: Measure the length from the waistband end point to the bottom end point in a straight line.
- Waist: Measure the circumference above the waistband.
- Lower: Measure the distance from the crotch intersection on the waistband.
- Thigh: Measure the widest cross section of the thigh in a straight line.
- Bottom: Measure the width of the bottom of the pants.

● Notice:
- Depending on the actual law, there may be a size error.
- If you are sensitive to size, please contact the customer center before purchasing.
- This product is a washing product, and there may be a 1-3cm error due to different accumulation rates when washing.
- Due to the nature of the washing product, there may be water loss during washing, so we recommend washing the first wash alone..

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