Kelly Asscher Stud Earrings

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Kelly Collection

A collection of contemporary interpretations of Timeless Classic, inspired by Grace Kelly, a symbol of elegance. Her life, which continued the beautiful transformation from the glamorous Hollywood actor to Monaco's queen, was completed by contributing to culture and society. It's designed to combine the beauty of the perfectly symmetrical Escher cut with a variety of types of jewelry, so you can enjoy the restrained beauty in a daily way.

These earrings stand out in the setting method that shows the beauty of the Escher cut. A square spring encloses the stone along a perfectly symmetrical cutting angle and is designed to bring the elegance of the stone's beauty closest to the ear and shine brightly by lowering the setting height as much as possible.
Also, the backside of the ear is completed with the pattern of Miss Green's brand identity, so we don't miss out on details and put the brand's value in small daily items. Custom rear decorations also come insufficient size to give the stone a fit to maintain its most luminous angle.

Metal: 925 Silver _ Rhodium-plated
Stone Information: Top Grade Asscher cut CZ

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