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Ride Ring

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Ride Ring

Sally Ride, the first U.S. woman to pose an endless challenge to space.

At that time, he led the development of the world's space and made many achievements against the numerous prejudices against women. Her passion has been handed down so far by establishing the Sally Ride Foundation for Later Students.

The refinement and completion of the Ride Collection were completed after many attempts, just as the endless challenge to the universe, to her reputation.

Ride collection, which was created by visual inspiration from the appearance of beautiful Saturn with numerous satellites, was created like a ring, represented by its unique design by organically listing circles of different sizes.

It is an 'open shank' style ring that can be worn in various sizes. The most ideal thickness makes it easy to wear while having a bold look, especially the design that comes down around the finger is a beautiful ring not only for the front but also for the side.

-Size US 5 ~ US 8.5

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