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Kelly Asscher Tennis Bracelet

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Product Details

Kelly Collection

A collection of contemporary interpretations of Timeless Classic, inspired by Grace Kelly, a symbol of elegance. Her life, which continued the beautiful transformation from the glamorous Hollywood actor to Monaco's queen, was completed by contributing to culture and society. It's designed to combine the beauty of the perfectly symmetrical Escher cut with a variety of types of jewelry, so you can enjoy the restrained beauty in a daily way.

The design is embroidered with a finely customized Escher cut on the wrist. To maximize the delicacy and characteristics of the Escher cut stone, the shape and angle of the prong are also designed along with the cutting of the stone, showing its elegant and restrained beauty. The connecting method, which connects each set, also maintained the maximum thickness inside the setting to maintain the smoothness of the tennis bracelets while adding rigidity.

The finishing decorations are also designed with stones of the same size as an extension of the design and incorporate designs reminiscent of Botai to enjoy the beauty of the stones from all angles. It is designed to be convenient to wear bracelets by maintaining an opening angle of 90 degrees.

Length _ S - 15.2cm / M - 16.1cm / L - 17cm
Thickness _ 3mm

Metal: 925 Silver _ Rhodium-plated

Stone Information: Top Grade Asscher cut CZ

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Jewelry collection inspired by women around the world and history from Audrey Hepburn to Frida Kahlo. Explore yourself and others in a creative way. The delicate touch creates harmony between individual taste and personal style.

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