Embo Buckle Leather Belt

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Embo Buckle Leather Belt

The size can be adjusted according to the body.
This is the Italian cowhide belt of Square Emboss Symbols.

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Customer Reviews 3.0 Based on 2 Reviews 5 ★ 50% 1 4 ★ 0% 0 3 ★ 0% 0 2 ★ 0% 0 1 ★ 50% 1 Customer Photos Write a Review Ask a Question Reviews Questions Write a review Author Name Email Location Rating Rating 1 2 3 4 5 Title of Review How was your overall experience? Questions Photos Upload Thank you for submitting a review! Your input is very much appreciated. Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too! FacebookTwitter Be the first to review this item Sort Most Recent Highest Rating Lowest Rating Most Helpful Filter Reviews: × Sort Most Recent Highest Rating Lowest Rating Most Helpful Clear filters More Filters VS 04/20/2021 Vickie S. United States United States Shipping is very slow and no return labels included in the package It takes about at least 2 weeks to receive the package and package does not include the return labels. Embo Buckle Leather Belt WHITE Share | Facebook •  Twitter Was this helpful? 1    0 LC 03/29/2021 Lisa C. United States United States I initially had some trouble assembling the belt but eventually figured it out. I also had to cut the length of the belt by several inches because it was too long. The belt looked really good with the skort that I purchased and I liked the box that it came in. Embo Buckle Leather Belt BLACK Share | Facebook •  Twitter Was this helpful? 1    0 03/30/2021 Nevermindall USA Thank you so much for your kind words, Lisa. We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us. We look forward to seeing you again! [data-widget-style=profile] .stamped-review-product:before { content: 'Reviewing: ' !important; } a.stamped-review-read-more { font-size: 0px; } a.stamped-review-read-more:before { content: 'Read more'; font-size: 13px !important; } .stamped-main-widget-loading .stamped-reviews:before { content: 'Loading more...' !important; } .stamped-file-uploader-btn-label2:before { content: ' Add Photos' !important; }

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