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Enma Stretch Lightweight Blouson Jacket

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Enma Stretch Lightweight Blouson Jacket

Nylon 4-way stretch super-rex functional wind-breaker. Excellent waterproof and moisture-resistant, a quick-drying function that reduces drying time during washing.
Stylish and relaxed in the style of La Glan Gaori Fit Variant Shot Blouson. Field play swing jacket that suits both Do golf and After golf with the treatment of Pyeongpoongan Linim.




Nylon 78% 
Polyester 22%

Size Chart

SIZE Full Length Chest
Shoulder Width
Sleeve Length
XS 22.5 inch 36.7 inch Raglan 30.2 inch
S 22.9 inch 38.6 inch Raglan 31.1 inch
M 23.3 inch 40.6 inch Raglan 32.0 inch
L 23.7 inch 42.6 inch Raglan 33.0 inch


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