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FAIRLIAR Men's Color Matching Line Short Sleeve Knit (Black)

FAIRLIAR Men's Color Matching Line Short Sleeve Knit (Black)


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Product Details

Men's Color Matching Line Short Sleeve Knit (Black)

This is a men's collar neck short sleeve knit with color matching. The yarn with a cool touch that is not loose and has good resilience is suitable for wearing cool in summer with little see-through. You can also feel the light weight and comfortable fit. It is a short-sleeved design with a basic fit that can be worn as a single item until midsummer.

Based on a simple silhouette, it is a style that gives color matching points on the sleeves and inside the hem. There is a stripe texture detail on the back panel, so it is a product that gives a point to the back that can look plain. The classic color of black and white extreme color and navy/black tone tone color matching color can be styled with various bottoms. The label plate is added to the inside of the embroidery on the back, which can look messy, and it looks neat even when you take off your clothes.

Product Details
• Basic fit
• Use of light yarn with good resilience and cool touch
• Natural mood blend button
• Luxurious bone tissue detail

Size guide
• M : Bust 96.5cm, Length 68.5cm
• L : Bust 101.5cm, Length 70cm
• XL: Bust 106.5cm, Length 71.5cm

Material Information
 Outer material: 80% rayon, 20% nylon

Washing information
Dry only

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Fairliar combines the functionality of a classy and modern style to express the classic and elegant mood of golf in the 50~60s with a refined fit and high-quality materials. Composing the colors that express luxury on the field, Fairliar is proud to have In Gee Chun, a LPGA pro, as an ambassador of the brand. Meet the accessory collection at Sokim.

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