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FAIRLIAR Men's Color Matching Short Sleeve T-shirt (White)

FAIRLIAR Men's Color Matching Short Sleeve T-shirt (White)


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Product Details

Men's Color Matching Short Sleeve T-shirt (White)

It is a product that shows a classic design by adding a color matching tip to the tip of the hem and the tip of the front hem, and can be styled with dignity. The material is a high-quality imported fabric that blocks ultraviolet and near-infrared rays, and because it is knitted at high density with high-stretch multi-poly fiber, there are few fibers between fibers and it has the characteristics of a fabric that is difficult to transmit ultraviolet and visible light. In addition, the label plate was made by adding the same fabric as the body plate to the back plate to enhance the completeness of the clothes. It is a T-shirt that can be worn not only on the field but also in everyday life with functional fabrics, neat design and basic mood color scheme.

Product Details
• UV Protection (UPF50+)
• High-quality imported fabric
• Fabric Eri
• Color matching TIP
• Logo symbol embroidery

Size guide
• M: Bust 100cm, Waist 93cm, Length 70cm
• L: Bust 105cm, Waist 98cm, Length 71.5cm
• XL: Bust 110cm, Waist 103cm, Length 73cm

Material Information
• Outer material 100% polyester

Washing information
• Hand wash and dry

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      Fairliar combines the functionality of a classy and modern style to express the classic and elegant mood of golf in the 50~60s with a refined fit and high-quality materials. Composing the colors that express luxury on the field, Fairliar is proud to have In Gee Chun, a LPGA pro, as an ambassador of the brand. Meet the accessory collection at Sokim.

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