Haley Women's Step Hem Pants Black

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Haley Women's Golf Wear Step Hem Pants Black

2 way stretch twill pants that is comfortable in movement.

Step up hem detail is chic and white contrasting side line make your leg looks longer and slender.

Fabric: N87% and PU13%

Origin: Vietnam


Size Guide:

 Size Total Length Waist Crotch Length Hip Thigh Hem Width
36 28 9 36 22 12
36 29 9 37 23 12
M 37 31 9 39 24 13
L 37 32 10 41 25 14

*All sizes are in inches.

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How to check measurement
We recommend choosing sizes for bottoms according to the waist size because our bottoms usually provide perfect fit for hips, thigh and calf as
long as they fit your waist because Mulawear uses fabrics that are highly flexibleyet sturdy. Also, wearing bottoms with correct waist size prevents
clothing from slipping off or having extra space in inner thigh area. Clothing fit may slightly vary depending on body shapes. In case between two
sizes, go for the smaller size if you like a tight fit and the larger size if you like a comfort fit.