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Head to Neck Total Care


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Jet Plus Microcurrent Facial Dual Mask

Our Jet Plus mask is a lightweight, fast-absorbing microcurrent facial mask that you can use before makeup and for quick hydration anytime.

Box contains: 2 treatment sets (for two uses):
• 2 Enriching (wet) Face Masks
• 2 Empowering (dry) Face Masks
• 2 Boosting Essences This mask might be lightweight, but it still delivers excellent results. It’s perfect for:

Priming your skin before applying makeup
A quick boost while traveling A skin reset after a night of partying or too little sleep
Hydration and nutrients before an interview, before an important event, or any other time Our Tissue X® microcurrent technology is clinically proven to tighten and tone skin while targeting puffiness, wrinkles, and fine lines. In just 20 minutes, you will feel the glow.

Neck Dual Mask Pack 10ml (2ea), Boosting essence 3ml

Highly concentrated skin nutrition stem cell culture ampoule 10%

Amazing surprise!

Recharges the skin deeply with the highly nutritious ingredients of the stem cell ampoule!

Product Name: Franz Neck Mask (2ea) 

Capacity: Enriching Mask 10 ml *2ea, Boosting Essence 3ml 2ea 

How to use: 1) After washing your face, apply the enriching mask evenly over the entire face, adjusting it to the eyes and mouth area. 

2) Take out the empowering mask and apply boosting essence to the protrusions on both sides (the back of the ion cell).Spray until evenly absorbed. 

3) Immediate ring mask with the protrusions facing outward Add it onto the enriching mask attached to your face.

4) After 10 to 20 minutes, remove the mask and lightly pat the skin with your hands. 


Head to Neck Total Care


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