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Moisvita Danvi Shower Filter - Freesia

$25.00 USD

Why Danvi Shower Filter
  • Water is the essence of life. It covers more than 70% of earth and everything that lives on this planet cannot exist without it. We use it daily to drink, play, wash dishes, do laundry, and more. On top of that, we also use 35% of that water for showers and baths, daily. Our body skin breathes and needs care just like any other living beings living on this planet. So it’s only natural that we need clean and safe water to keep our body fresh and moisturized. Moisvita Danvi shower filter does all that, and more. 
  • Made from and tested vigorously in Korea, its advanced water filter system with Vitamin-C and milk powder ingredients, Danvi shower filter removes chlorine that’s in our tap water and provides rich nutrients to your skin that not only moisturizes, but also brightens it. 
  • What’s more, it has been proven and certified by the KAA (Korea Atopy Association) in Korea to improve atopy on your skin. You can choose up to 6 different scents for your liking, allowing you to feel relaxed as if you are having an aromatherapy at a luxury spa. 
  • The scent also helps your bathroom to stay clean and fresh after using it. All Danvi products have gone through strict testing procedures and have been approved by the KTR (Korea Testing & Research Institute) and by the US FDA, so you can always feel safe when using it with your whole family. 
  • A Danvi shower filter lasts up to 2 months for a family of 4, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it too often when using it. Rejuvenate your family with a Moisvita Danvi shower filter today!

Key Benefits
  • Removes Chlorine from tap water.
  • 5 aromatic unique scents to choose from.
  • Rich in nutrients with Vitamin-C and Powdered Milk for your skin.
  • KTR and US FDA approved (Korea Testing & Research Institute is a Korean testing facility that is globally recognized because of its strict testing procedures that only allows safe products to be approved.)
  • KAA certified for improving skins with atopy (Korea Atopy Associations is a Korean inspection agency that tests atopy related products for consumer use.)
  •  Detoxification & Purification