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New Allday Length4.5 Hip-up Leggings - Navy

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Product Details

New Original Hip-Up Leggings are VINA&Co.s newest version of Hip up Leggings, complete with the original version's extreme hip-up effect on Allday high-compression materials.
The length of the Allday Hipup Leggings which covers just above the knee, is recommended for those with fat on their thighs. Covering the entire thigh, the legs look longer than Length 4, it has a neutral and chic charm, and it's a length that doesn't burden the trendy bike-shorts coordination.


A revolutionary patent leggings of designer Vina Jung who majored in lingerie design in France!
The push-up function of the wired bra and the shaping function of lingerie are combined to regular leggings.

 *CLICK HERE to see details about Hip-Up Leggings

If you are concerned about the size, you can choose based on the size of your hip circumference. For the best hip-up effect, you can choose based on the hip circumference.  Measure the largest circumference of your hip with a tape measure, and refer to the size chart below.

 Size XS S M L XL
US 0/2 2/4 4/6 6/8 8/10
Hip Circumf 83~87cm 88~92cm 93~97cm 98~102cm 103~107cm

If the hip circumference is 92.5cm and is between S and M, we recommend that you choose it based on your preference or expected effect after wearing it.  If you want a tight fit and extreme shaping effect, you can choose size S.  If you want a comfortable fit and natural shaping effect, please choose M.


It is important to pull up the zigzag sewing line, which functions as a bra wire, to the bottom of the hips, and to put the butts inside well.
If you wear a brief panty or shorty, it may interfere with the cutting lines of the hip-lifting function, so we recommend wearing a thong for hip-up leggings. Please click the link for more details.

We manufacture our products with very firm material called, ‘Powernet’, for maximum shaping. Moreover, the waist band is sewed several times for the same reasons. As a result, it could be tight to wear at first.

Stretch the waist band as much as you can, and pass through the pelvis even if it feels hard to wear. If you succeed in 1st try on, then take it off right away and try it on again, you will feel better in second try on.:)

*CLICK HERE to learn how to wear

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