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Perfect Fish Scale Collagen Balance | Healthy Functional Food | Inner Skincare

Start taking care of your skin with Fish Scale Collagen!

Healthy functional food

Fish scale collagen has good absorption that takes care of your inner skin!

1- 100% Pure Fish Scale Collagen Peptide. Low molecular fish collagen extracted from fish scales!

2- Maximum functional fish collagen peptide content recognized by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Contains 3,270mg of Fish Collagen Peptide!

3- The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety recognizes double skin effects. It can help moisturize your skin and helps maintain skin health from UV damage.

4- Retained the results of the functional fish collagen peptide human application test. Check skin moisturization, elasticity, and wrinkle improvement.

Why take Perfect Fish Scale Collagen Balance?

1- Used 100% fish scale collagen with good absorption. We only added 100% low molecular fish collagen peptide extracted from fish scales without impurities.

2- It’s a refined type, so you just need to drink it with water. You can take care of your skin by swallowing it with water before and after meals. 

3- Fish collagen’s signature has NO fishy taste! It’s a refined type, so anyone can eat it without any fishy taste.

4- No pressure on your throat. The refined size is easy to swallow and is easy to cut and eat.

Functional Raw Material Collagen Peptide Application Test Results

-Wrinkle around the eyes. Confirmed significant reduction of wrinkles around the eyes, average wrinkles depth, and skin roughness.

-Skin elasticity. Total, average, and biological elasticity.

-Moisturizing the skin. 

It also contains Vitamin C!

We recommend it to these people:

-For those who feel that their skin is very dry right after washing their face.

-Anyone who wants moist and smooth skin from the inside.

-To those who want to take care of their skin from ultraviolet rays.

-For those who want to hear that their skin is good even if they don’t take care of it much.

-For those who heard that collagen is good, but haven’t started taking it yet.

-For those who want to take care of their skin with the product they eat.

-For women in their 40s and after menopause, who want to take care of their skin.

-For middle-aged men who want to start taking care of their skin.

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