Vera Octagonal Solitaire Necklace

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Vera Collection

Vera Cooper Rubin, a genius astronomer who fought against the prejudice against women.

He was a national astronomer in the United States who left a big mark on the study of dark matter but ended up not receiving the Nobel Prize because he was a woman.

Throughout her life, she has struggled with unequal scientific practices and devoted herself to creating a society where female scientists are given fair evaluations and equal opportunities.

Miss Green organized the Vera Collection to support the dreams of all women in the world in honor of the meaning of Vera Rubin, who dreamed while watching the stars in the night sky.

A typical daily item, stud necklace. The design emphasizes Miss Green's unique setting method by combining Round Stone with a unique Octagon bezel setting.

You can add slide decorations to the existing decorations and adjust them to the length you want, so it's good as a layered item.

Metal: 925 Silver _ Rhodium-plated

Stone Information: Top Grade Round-cut CZ (5A Grade)

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