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Victorian Heart Earrings

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Product Details

Created by a designer who experienced working in Bulgari.

With delicate design and exquisite quality, you'll be impressed by this pair!

The Victorian era called the heyday of England,
The time when the splendor of the British royal family also reached its peak,
When gorgeous and romantic fashions blossomed,  aromantic heart shape with elegance was born. Antique and lovely victorian heart-
Reborn according to the sensibility of Juicy Jewelry.
You will be fascinated by this victorian heart in clean and high-quality earrings.

Considering the design of the backside of the heart, it is double cast in thick silver and the front is convex.  Use of nanocrystal in ruby that is brilliant, wrapped in a bezel setting to produce a clean reflective light.  The curve side is very dense and paved with Mellie Excellence Q.


Fact about Nanogem

Why Nanogem is the best imitation gemstone compared to other materials? Colored glass usually has low hardness and insufficient luster.  If compared with CZ, Hydrothermal quartz, Synthetic corundum, Spinel, etc. The material is more uniform in color and is very close to the natural gems in hardness, refractive index, and luster.

 Moreover, unlike glass and many synthetic stones, Nanogem does not change color or destroyed it during casting with stones.

 Recently, a lot of color materials with the prefix "nano" appeared in the market. Some of them claim that their material is also glass-ceramic, but in fact, almost all of these materials are just conventional colored glass, sometimes zirconium or yttrium, but still Glass. No nanocrystals in these materials can be traced.  Accordingly, there are no comparable properties with our Nanogem.



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Every piece starts with inspiration, the mood that illustrates the line, colors, and movement. Refined classic meets femininity is what makes the brand timeless. Jucy Jewelry New York offers a range of beautiful, versatile pieces that are made to last.


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