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2022 KPMG Women's PGA Champion In Gee Chun Unveils her Exclusive Fashion Line Fairliar in collaboration with Fairliar collection x Sokim NY

2022 KPMG Women's PGA Champion In Gee Chun Unveils her Exclusive Fashion Line Fairliar in collaboration with Fairliar collection x Sokim NY

Fairlier is a premium golf wear brand for elegant golfers and is famous for the golf wear worn by LPGA In Gee Chun. Like the slogan of Classy & Performance, it is elegant and classic, yet fully functional as golf wear and accessories.

This year, Fairliar collaborated with SOKIM New York and has put up an exciting collection with various accessories to introduce to the US golf enthusiasts.

Women's clothing line is only available at Fairliar USA official site. You can visit at to know further and explore. Below is the list of certain accessories that are listed on SOKIM New York that you can purchase.

Men's V-Neck Cardigan in FAIRLIAR (Gray)

FAIRLIAR Mens V-Neck Cardigan

A comfortable, V-neck cardigan created with eco-friendly fabrics. It has a trendy appearance thanks to the color-coordinated design on the neck and the slit elements on the sleeves. When worn along with the V-neck vest, it looks finest. It comes with the sleeve slit detail, Pn-Lok chest embroidered and neck color detailing. It comes with a casual fit,long sleeve design. There are various sizes available.

Material information:

The outer material comprises 74% rayon and 26% polyester.

Men's V-Neck Knit Vest by FAIRLIAR (White)

FAIRLIAR Mens V-Neck Knit Vest

A soft-touch, thick, V-neck vest with robust construction. Slits at the hem and Polonok embroidered on the chest add embellishments. This expensive piece is at its most fashionable when worn, including its V-neck cardigan combination. It is a Hem slit detail; color detailing at armholes and collar; ponytail chest embroidery with an affordable rate. it is available in all the sizes for you.

Material information: 

The outer material comprises 74% rayon and 26% polyester.

Information about washing: Dry only

Golf Shoes FAIRLIAR Socks High Top (Black)

FAIRLIAR Socks High Top Golf Shoes

Golf socks with such a jacquard logo are available. Accents include a knot on the back and a feminine form. Since it is made of knit material, it is comfortable to wear daily, waterproof, and offers restful feet throughout extended rounds. It is not washable. 

Materials: Eco-leather that matches the color of the outer fabric, which is made of 90% nylon and 10% polyurethane.


FAIRLIAR Safari Bucket Hat

Safari bucket hat for both sexes. With the double text embroidered on the front point, as well as the function of the string stopper for changing the head size on the back, it is comfortable to wear. It is a tool of great usefulness in daily life, including outdoor and leisure activities, and it has a removable strap. Specifications include a detachable strap, a capability to modify the head circumference, and two-point embroidery. It is good for hand washing. 

FAIRLIAR Visor with Stripes (White)

FAIRLIAR Stripe Color Visor

Color-striped visor. It is easy to get a feminine look using the SS point color scheme and a little ribbon embellishment. It boasts a tall profile and a superbly ergonomic design. It is an item that, combined with Fairy's sensuous and varied products, may provide a unique point. Product Specifications include Petit Ribbon Decoration, Stripe Point Color. 100% polyester for the outer material and 100% polyester for the lining.

Terry Tote Bag Fairy (Black)

FAIRLIAR Terry Tote Bag

The striking color contrast and recognizable atmosphere stick out, and the famous Fairy writing emblem is embroidered on the front in a large size. It is a piece that blends well with the sensual and varied Fairy goods. Product Specifications includes Volume Embroidery, Terry Material. Hand washing is the best option for this product.

FAIRLIAR Utility Cover in Tweed (Pink Coral)

FAIRLIAR Tweed Utility Cover

Tweed softshell utility cover Using Fairlier's proprietary tweed material allows for producing exquisite and feminine clothing that is also sturdy against pollution and daily wear owing to specific processing applied to the tweed fabric. Employing the elastic yarn on the back is simple to utilize with the band effect. It is a very affordable product but cannot be washed. 

Arc-logo visor from FAIRLIAR (Black)

FAIRLIAR Herringbone Color Visor

Nylon fabric is utilized from reused nylon yarn that cleans textile fibers. When combined with Fairaire's remarkable and varied things, it may provide a unique point.

Recycled cloth and two-degree ballroom embroidery are features of the product.

The golf umbrella with a matching logo in the FAIRLIAR color scheme (beige). 

FAIRLIAR Color Matching Logo Umbrella

Fairfare's trademark umbrella color represents it. You may showcase your unique presence by choosing a solid print and distinctive logo. It is a length that can be utilized effectively on golf and is lighter and more comfortable than other materials of a similar size that are made of carbon. 

Even in direct sunlight, the UV-blocking material claims excellent levels of protection. It includes an umbrella cover, allowing you to keep your umbrella cleaner even after it has rained.

Product Specifications includes One-touch automated umbrella with cover embossed handle logo

Final Thoughts

Here we discussed the best accessories you can buy from the Fairliar brand through the online SOKIM New York website. Visit to explore more about the brand. 


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