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SOKIM NY Curated selection of global and emerging golf wear

Fashion accross the globe

Sokim New York was born from our founder's desire to make the luxury lifestyle and aesthetic of golf available to all.

Here in the States, obsession over the sport exploded into the mainstreamover the past several years, as did the demand for more stylishand fashion-forward golf wear.

Across the globe, South Korea was ahead of the game when it came to avant-garde apparel on the greens.

Serendipitously, Joe lived in the best of both worlds, and it became his mission to make the seemingly unattainable, well, attainable. 

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Where we stand

In 2021, Sokim New York was established. Today, we are quickly establishing ourselves as the one-stop shop that golfers and other creative, active individuals who crave high-quality, expressive, and functional styles can rely on.

We thoughtfully and meticulously curate a rare selection of premium goods from around the globe that cater to nearly every aspect of a golfer's lifestyle, from fashion and gear to highly sought after Korean skincare products. We are proud to be the only licensed American distributor of South Korea’s leading luxury golfwear brands like Southcape and Fairliar.

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Our mission

Inspired by the beautiful sport of golf, our hope is to bring beauty into your everyday life. Please join our circle by signing up for newsletter and don't miss out on deals and perks.

Also, #sokim_newyork and show us how you style with us in the field, court, or anywhere. Cheers!

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