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Fight for originality

KANEI TEI is a brand by a Korean Japanese designer Kanei Tei. KANEI TEI 2015 Collection is unique in a way that the materials used have all been part of different histories. Some date back to the WWII era while others had been used in wartime preparations in the middle east, resulting in a unique look and feel for each bag designed and produced.

Inspired by the irregular yet disciplined surfaces of a military tent fabric, the 2015 collection shows off an urban vintage look that simply cannot be imitated artificially. KANEI TEI refuses to be catergorized as just another brand that recycles. KANEI TEI advocates a fresh interpretation on the humanity's favorite pastime -"war." In this collection, a wartime property is disassembled and in turn assembled into a fashion item. It is a satire in a modern society and its ever increasing love affair with violence.




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