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Dalot 15D UV Block Golf Pantyhose

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Product Details

15D is perfect summer wear thin pantyhose that covers 74.1% UV-B

Cool and opaque finish

Choose from the non-slip reinforced type that you don't need to overlay socks on top

or sling bottom type for more freedom in the toe area.

A slightly compressed control top smooths your look with breathable mesh and keeps a comfortable fit all day.

One size fits all 

Color: blends to fair to medium skin tone

Care: hand wash cold or luke warm water.

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Product Reviews

Customer Reviews 5.0 Based on 1 Reviews 5 ★ 100% 1 4 ★ 0% 0 3 ★ 0% 0 2 ★ 0% 0 1 ★ 0% 0 Customer Photos Write a Review Ask a Question Reviews Questions Write a review Author Name Email Location Rating Rating 1 2 3 4 5 Title of Review How was your overall experience? Questions Photos Upload Thank you for submitting a review! Your input is very much appreciated. Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too! FacebookTwitter Be the first to review this item Sort Most Recent Highest Rating Lowest Rating Most Helpful Filter Reviews: × Sort Most Recent Highest Rating Lowest Rating Most Helpful Clear filter More Filters OC 09/10/2021 OK C. United States United States Excellent 골프칠때 너무너무 이쁘고 편해요lf Dalot 15D UV Block Golf Pantyhose Non Slip Type / Medium Share | Facebook •  Twitter Was this helpful? 0    0 09/10/2021 Nevermindall USA Thank you OK Chang - for those who not reading Korean- she said " This is very comfortable wearing at golf, and it make my leg looks stunning" [data-widget-style=profile] .stamped-review-product:before { content: 'Reviewing: ' !important; } a.stamped-review-read-more { font-size: 0px; } a.stamped-review-read-more:before { content: 'Read more'; font-size: 13px !important; } .stamped-main-widget-loading .stamped-reviews:before { content: 'Loading more...' !important; } .stamped-file-uploader-btn-label2:before { content: ' Add Photos' !important; }



Specializes in products that gives extra blockage to harmful UV rays. From face patches to hosiery, it is great for many type of outdoor activities such as any type of sporting, hiking, dog walking, or even at the beach.


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