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DM Vintage Flower Label Golf Ball Bag


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Product Details

DM Vintage Flower Label Golf Ball Bag

A golf ball bag with a flower design inspired by a vintage can label from the 1920s. When playing, use it by hanging it on a golf bag or behind the waist. The inside divider keeps the golf ball neatly.

Dry cleaning is recommended when washing.

100% Cotton
Made in Korea


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Breaking the stereotype and make golf a little easier and casual, DIMPLE golf was born targeting younger generation of golfers who seeks fun and style when it comes to dressing up their golf gears. 'Dimple' means small grooves dug on the surface of the golf balls and at the same time it means 'dimples' just as you have dimples when you have fun. It's all about having fun playing golf with DIMPLE golf: Delight with DIMPLE!

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