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KUME STUDIO (MEN) Oversized Silket Half Sleeve Sweatshirt - Melange Gray


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Product Details

(MEN) Oversized Silket Half Sleeve Sweatshirt - Melange Gray

This is an overfit men's silk short sleeve sweatshirt.  Made with double-sided silket bio-processing, the material is soft and resilient to the touch and has few wrinkles, making it easy to manage. The lettering of 'PERFECT PLAYER' in color matching is printed on the front side.

Material COTTON 100%

Size Chart (cm)

Size M L XL
Shoulder 60.5 61.5 62.5
 Chest Width 124
129 134
Hem Width 110 115 120
Total Length 72.5 73.5 74.5
Sleeve Length 21 22 23


MODEL  183cm / Wearing Size L


Product Reviews



KUMÉ started with the meaning of ‘wearing a dream’. I hope that KUMÉ can be used to express one's own tastes and specialties in any place and in any situation, and to show the emotions and aspects of life that each person desires. Beautiful fit, good material, and comfortable movements come together to become KUMÉ, and we want to create a brand that can give a ‘dream’ to everyone who wears KUMÉ.

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