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Product Details

My Artist Yoga Mat is the first premium line product from My Roller.

My Artist Yoga Mat is a natural raw rubber match on the back of the eco-friendly cork, leading to the advanced differentiation of mat material.

Eco-friendly cork has a good soft texture, providing optimal conditions for light clothing and bare skin exercises.

The texture of the material does not stick to the skin at all, and it does not absorb sweat, allowing hygienic use and management.

Also, it minimizes slipping when used by beginners who have excellent friction and weigh heavily on their hands and feet.

Natural raw rubber sticks to the floor with its unique weight. It is a highly resistant material that creates a safe working environment because there is no movement of the mat in the user's various movements on the mat.

Also, there is no lifting on the floor when using it after rolling it for a long time.

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