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SEVENTY TWO - ALL IN ONE (8 in 1) Golf kit - Black Edition


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Product Details

SEVENTY TWO - ALL IN ONE (8 in 1) Golf kit - Black Edition

1. CASE: Consists of the tee, divot tool, brush, and towel; designed to hook onto user's belt.
2. DIVOT TOOL: to detach from the case, press and slide upwards.
3. BRUSH: to detach from the case, press down hard on the bristle-end of the tool.
4. BALL MARKER: to detach from the case, press and slide downwards.
5. TEE HOLDER: place tees in these holes when not in use.
6. BELT CLIP: rotates to make towel easily accessible.
7. RING (BELT CLIP): a clip can be looped through this ring to attach 72 to a golf bag.
8. TOWEL RING: rectangular ring that connects towel to case.
9. SNAP BUTTON #1: to connect towel to case, loop the belt (attached to towel) through the ring 8(Towel Ring) and secure with snap button.
10. VELCRO: when glove is not in use, attach the velcro on the glove to the velcro on the belt.
11. TOWEL (EXTERIOR): exterior is 100% silicone and waterproof.
12. TOWEL (INTERIOR): interior can be dampened to easily clean club faces and golf balls.
13. SNAP BUTTON #2: when snap button is secured, golf balls can be stored in towel to free up space in your pockets.
14. To clean golf ball, secure snap button #2 and slide ball through No.15
15. Golf ball should follow motion as shown in the image above.

*After use, unclasp both snap buttons and refold towel so that interior is now the exterior.
Then, loop the belt through the ring as you normally would, and secure snap button #1 on the silicone side. Let dry

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