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Hip Sack for Women

Hip Sack for Women


Hip sacks can be stylish and fashionable to wear while golfing or playing tennis. For others, it may be a little different from the usual bags, but it has its own purpose. With the hip sack, you can conveniently store your golf balls so that you can reach them more easily when playing on the course. Being hands-free, you'll have more freedom of movement while playing your best, and it's also very easy to use. In addition to its convenience, it also adds style and uniqueness to your golf attire. 

The best thing about the Hip sack, besides its cute and unique style, is that it is portable, fashionable and practical. Most men use hip sacks or belt bags, but there are also many revolutionary women who have discovered the beauty and convenience of hip sacks. Today, they are a must-have not only for hikers, travelers and fashion-conscious people, but also very popular and in use among golfers and tennis players.

Where can you find the best hip sack?

If you are a golfer or tennis player, a hip sack or a belt bag is a smart move. These classic and fashionable items give you plenty of freedom to enjoy your game while keeping your golf or tennis balls where you need them. Sokim New York has a wide selection of hip bags for you to choose from. Take a look at our selected premium items below and make your choice:

  • Failiar Tweed Mink Hip Sack. A fashionable item that looks fantastic on women who want to upgrade their golf attire. This hipsack is a rangefinder bag made from a blend of feminine tweed material. The edge of the bag and bag cover is finished with genuine mink to give it a point. The belt, which can be used separately, is made of cowhide leather so it looks old and new and gives you a high fashion look on the court.

Failiar Tweed Mink Hip Sack

  • Anell Boy Belt+Rangefinder Hip Sack. Who says only men can look cool in hip sack or belt bags? This high-quality, minimalist item definitely contradicts that! It's a classic, stylish belt made of embossed material and a classic rangefinder pouch with a high-quality buckle detail attached to the front of the belt. The belt and pouch can be separated and the belt can be worn alone. The belt has a tee holder that allows you to conveniently adjust the waist size from the back. It's lightweight, it's cool, and it's ready to take you out on the field!

Anell Boy Belt+Rangefinder Hip Sack

  • Ape The Great Sports Belt Ball Bag. If you are into a girly and cute style, this waist bag is for you. It features a lovely embroidered floral design that supports your performance. It's made of 100% polyester and has an easy-to-use buckle design, so you do not have to worry about how to use it. It's stylish, youthful and ready to go on an adventure with you!

Ape The Great Sports Belt Ball Bag

Sokim New York's collection of premium hip sack goes beyond the field. It is stylish and fashionable and will make other people turn their heads wherever you go. So dress up and choose your hip sack, now it's your turn to be in the spotlight! 

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