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Street style-inspired vs Preppy golfwear

Street style-inspired vs Preppy golfwear

Street style-inspired vs Preppy golfwear

Different moods in everyday life also require different outfits! Whether you are in the mood for a vibrant street style or chic and preppy golf attire, Sokim New York has it all for you! 

While it's nice to have clothes you can wear anywhere, it's also smart to have something specific for a specific purpose. Sokim New York has a wide selection of high-quality, luxurious clothing to match your mood at any time of day. Check out the selected items below to get started.

Street style inspired clothing

For leisurely days when you just want to get out in the fresh air, comfortable street-style clothing is the ideal outfit. Comfort is paramount, but style and fashion should not be forgotten. Sokim New York has combined fashion and function into one garment to keep you looking fabulous and comfortable just when you need it most. Hit the streets with creativity and style with these gorgeous pieces!

Camo Patch Sweatshirt. A regular fit sweatshirt with a signature dynamic color print and eye-catching logo embroidery. It's an oversized street sweatshirt if you wear it one size larger.


Pop Camo Sweatshirt. A loose-fitting sweatshirt featuring Victory G.'s unique pop graphic and vibrant colors. The current sizing is also loose, but if you wear it one size larger, it's a gorgeous oversized street sweatshirt.


Printed Point Long Collar Sleeve. Standard fit long sleeve collar T-shirt with Aerosilver functional material with design dot on the sleeve. Made of Aerosilver material that absorbs sweat quickly and dries quickly. 



Preppy Golf Clothing

The minimalist and classic Preppy golf apparel can be made even more sophisticated and stylish. If you are looking for a reliable golf fashion line, you can rely on Sokim New York. Now with Sokim New York, you can always look elegant, sharp, and confident on the course. Combine your golf swing strategies with comfortable and stylish golf apparel to stand out on the field. 

Cool Short Sleeve Pique T-Shirt. A minimalist, simple and sophisticated top for a man ready to take his game to the next level. HALEY's signature golf pin transcription detail is incorporated into the basic collar t-shirt chest with the two sleeve cuffs as unbalanced color coordination points.


Crown Stud Knit Blouson. This luxurious top is made of functional double padding material that makes it soft and very comfortable to wear. Thanks to the high-quality material, it also keeps its shape very well.


Della Logo Basic Semi-High Neckline. This high-quality top is very elastic thanks to the unique lightness of the nylon material and the density of the jersey structure. The back part of this top is also brushed, so you will feel warm and comfortable at the same time.



Get ready with Sokim New York

Sokim New York is dedicated to providing its customers with an exciting shopping experience, top-notch service, and a fine selection of affordable, high-quality beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. If you are looking for formal or preppy clothes for a tee time, or fashionable and comfortable street style-inspired clothing to change into, Sokim New York is ready for you!

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